I love finally being legal. If life had captions like in the cartoons on the newspapers mine would be in big bold lettering saying, "Finally Legal: Skank gone wild" LOL. I've been getting in to a lit of taboo role play lately with much older men. Being that I did just turn 18, and I don't have to sneak out to fuck or keep things a secret any more, I like to live the taboo right in the open. I love having sex with older men, calling them daddy, doing age play, and down right filthy dirty fantasies and role plays. I also like to tell stories about some of the things I have done, how I lost my virginity, telling you guy's my dirties teen sex secrets. Trust me, I have a lot of extremely taboo secrets. I also like things like family play with brother and sister or daddy daugher, forced sex, thing's like that. Just call me already, you know you want to talk to a teen slut with NO LIMITS. You heard what I said, mmm hmmm, I have NO LIMITS :).



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