I guess you could say I am a bad bitch, one of those girls who started smoking at 12.  Yeah, I would steal my dads cigaretts and take them to school with me.  I was the girl that none of the mothers would allow their sons hang out with me, because I am a, "Bad girl." LOLL, don't make me laugh!  But the thing was is all those mothers did was make their sons like me even more.  I used to call their houses, and ask for them, and get them in trouble lol.  Like I said, I am a bad girl, a very very bad girl, and I can definately please you in ways you never thought about.  I can do things with my tongue that you only dream about.  You know those wet dreams you have at night, and you wake up mid-cum?  I'm that kind of girl, the kind of girl that starts sucking your dick and snorting coke while your sleeping.  You think your dreaming, but in reality I am sucking your cock and you wake up blowing a load in my mouth.  I am addicted to cock and have been since I can remember.  I'll be nasty, I'll be honest, and I will give you phone sex like you never imagined.


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