Your all alone in your little weak world. No one really understands the real you, or cares to understand the real you. Your some closet sexual freak like a sissy, submissive cock slave, or maybe you love to worship my ass. I understand your need to be abused and treated like a whore, and I am very much willing to give you your submissive fix, like a drug. I know you try to resist me daily, you try your hardest not to call and talk to me for your severe abuse, you try to salvage your life, your bank account, but you can't help it, can you? In the end I ALWAYS win, and you know it. No matter what, I always win. This 20 year old girl wins over your 30 something year old life.

Q and A:
Do you ever meet up?
Fuck no, why would I do that, dumb ass?

Do you do financial domme, sissy, whore training...blah blah blah???
Yes, Yes, And Yes. I do anything domination and bratty coed, and that means anything.

Do you accept paypal?
Fuck no.

Can I buy you gifts?
Yep, you sure can. Email me for my wishlist.

Can I have pictures of you?
Sure, when you call, let me know you wan't pictures and I'll send you some.

Speak to you soon.



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