I'm a good girl, always was, always have been.  But, well...ya know when you go to college and run out of money and you then a staring student (as they say) it makes you do things you normally wouldn't lol...like anal lol!  That is right, I did anal for the first time a few months ago, this guy offered me a few hundred bucks to stick his cock in my ultra tight hole.  It hurt at first but now I am this secret anal addict! lol!  Yes, you heard right!  I go to school during the day, taking my math tests and learning all about the ropes in nursing, no one would EVER think that I was a phone sex operator and a paid prostitute on the side...well except one of my teachers of course!  Imagine my surprise when I got a call in to a hotel, and when I showed up it was my Psyc teacher, wow.  I was embarrissed at first but he was really high and being a really big pervert, he kept puting his hand up my skirt and saying how badly he wanted to be my "daddy", I really got into it.  Finally I bent over and he was in the process of putting his dick in my pussy and I literally begged him to put it in my ass.  Lets just say, there are a lot of "late night study sessions" with good ol Mr. D, and on top of that I always get A's in his class.


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