Hi guys!  Don't get the wrong impression here, I am top dog and will always be top dog!  Your nothing but a piece of cock meat down there on your hands and knees grobbling for my attention.  The more you do for me, the more attention I give you.  I am quite a dominate gal, and I love submissive dudes!  I'm the closest thing to professional femdom mistress, that you are going to get.  I am incredibly mean, rude, and will belittle you verbally to the point that you will probably cry.  Be prepared to cry.  That's right fucker, be prepared to cry a lot because I enjoy making pigs like you cry.  I am not much for cock, I would rather use a toy than some flapping piece of meat inside your pants...in fact I would rather torture your dick than fuck it.  I want to knife it, shove toothpicks up your cock hole, make you scream when I force you to stick hot sauce down your dick hole.  Trust me when I say that you will get the most painful, horribly viscious femdom phone sex call with me.  You will never forget me, no matter how many nights I cause you nightmares, and no matter how much you try to forget me, you never will.  I will ruin your life, but that is what you want isn't it?  You want a femdom mistress that won't take pitty on you, well you found her bitch!


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