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It looks like you made a mess in your diaper. Is that true baby? Do you want mommy to change it for you? I know it’s uncomfortable to feel that wetness in your diaper so why don’t you come over and lay down on the changing table so I can get you cleaned up. That’s right, mommy is going to make you feel better. It looks like you’re a little bit excited. Do you want mommy to play with you a little while she wipes you clean? It’s time for your new diaper and when you make a mess in this one I’ll change you again.


1-888-854-8836 USA

0-808-101-2271 UK

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You’ve dreamed of letting a beautiful woman piss in your mouth, haven’t you?
Call me and live the fantasy as I demand you fall to your needs and worship my
beautiful shaved pussy with your eager tongue and open wide as I prepare to
release my bladder onto your tongue and down your throat. If you miss a drop
you’ll be punished with my whip, a pain you surely don’t want to suffer. When
I’m done pissing you need to swallow the hot, acrid fluid and make sure it all
ends up in your tummy. I drank a lot before you showed up so I’ll have to go
again in no time.


1-888-854-8836 USA
0-808-101-2271 UK
1-702-932-5918 Local chat and hook up line


Tonight I took a call from a regular that loves cock and ball torture talk. He
gets off on hearing the terribly cruel things I’d do to his genitals and he’s
so pathetic I get off on dreaming of torturing him. Tonight we began with a
discussion of crushing his dick and nuts under my heels to the point of him
screaming in a mixture of desire and pain. Next was needle play, something he
has long dreamed about. The pain is excruciating as his most precious flesh is
penetrating by metal, but the allure of submitting to the desires of his
mistress is what drives him wild with lust.





Oh wow. I got so wet while having phone sex with a client, and not just in one way haha. He asked me to play out a toilet scene and I was all up for it. He took me into the shower and stretched my ass out with his fingers. When I was nice and ready he slammed his pecker inside me and screwed me good. In one moment, he pulled out his dick and pissed all over my back and ass, but it back in, gave me a few more slams and came inside my tight little asshole. I loved it!


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I had the weirdest phone sex today. A guy wanted to play out a toilet fetish, and since I’m a sick, dirty, little girl, I was all up for it and so was his cock. I just went number two when he came into the bathroom and told me to get down on all for. He asked if I enjoyed dumping a steaming hot load and I purred yes. He got down behind me, grabbed my thighs with one hand so I couldn’t move and started eating my ass out and pulled out his junk and jerked off with the other hand. He licked my asshole clean just in time to jizz all over it.


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This young man called me and we had the most amazing phone sex ever. We were lying on a bed, contrary from each other. I put my foot into his mouth and let him suck on my fingers. Mmm yeah, I loved that. I put my other foot in too, so now his mouth was full. God I love when a man’s mouth is full. When my feet were wet enough, I took them out of his mouth and lazily pulled them down to his thick, pulsating cock. I embraced it and started rubbing my feet up and down, faster and faster, listening to his rapid breathing. I squeezed his balls a little and he ejaculated forcefully on to his stomach.



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Daddy called me yesterday and he was so horny for my tight teen body. He
teased my little hole with his big cock and told me what a good girl I was
before pushing inside me. It hurts a little bit every time his dick fucks my
young cunt but I know it makes him feel so good. He tells my I’m daddy’s
little girl and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I like to be a
good girl for daddy and I let him cum inside me and fill me with his hot
semen. He says that’s what good girls do and I always listen to my daddy.





A phone sex client today made me cum so hard, holly fuck. He asked me what I
was wearing and I said “Nothing but my nylon stockings and high heels”. I hit
the jackpot with that answer, because he loves nylon. He kneeled in front of
me and licked my stockings from my heel all the way up to the stay-ups. He put
his head between my thighs and took a whip of my sweet, wet cunt before
licking his way down to the other heel. He felt the nylon with his hands,
ripped them up and stroked my legs. He was so excited it took him just a few
strokes with his hand before he came all over my ripped stockings.





Since I’m such a raunchy perv, I always love me some double anal phone sex action. Mr. Hot Voice last night got me to fuck myself with two of my dildos at the same time. At first, it was in my cunt but then he said to stick both dildos up my ass together. Holy shit! I had never done that before, so with a whimper, but being very turned on by my caller, I slid first one dildo in and then ~ gasp ~ the second one. Arggghhhh! But fuck, it felt good! I probably should’ve looked in the mirror at the anal gape after I pulled them out, but I forgot to. Next call, I’ll definitely remember!

ANAL sex at it’s best!




Some of my favorite calls are when I role play a GFE who caters to her man on
the phone. Sure, I’m liberated, but there’s something so natural for me in
nurturing my man. One of my regulars calls me every couple days because I’m
such a great listener, and I’m always around for him when he wants to talk
about anything or nothing at all. Sometimes he wants me for some lusty loving
and sometimes he wants me to be a sounding board where he can vent whatever he
wants. I love being needed and wanted like that.